Tuesday, May 21, 2019

And we're off!

I suppose I should begin by introducing myself to those of you who've stumbled across this page by accident--which, given the fact that I am spectacularly not-famous, is going to be 99.999% of you. So...

Hi there. I’m Mike! 

Look around the site; you'll get a decent sense of what I do. I make games and comics (but the business side of things left a sour taste in my mouth). I'm also a musician, a cinephile, a foodie, a collector of toys and other pop culture junk, an avid gamer (tabletop gamer, thanks very much), and a radical leftist. I’m a lifelong sci-fi nerd and monster kid. I'm married (to a woman), have an adult daughter who used to be my son, and I suffer from some fascinating sleep disorders and a fun-filled case of major depressive disorder. I have a lifelong passion for combat sports. I’m also a recovering academic (if you’ve worked in academia, you smiled at that).  If those things interest you, you might enjoy this blog. Sometimes.

If those things don't interest you--or if they upset you, which would be idiotic, but whatever--then dude...keep clicking until you find something else to read. You won't enjoy this, and I have literally zero interest in hearing your contrary opinions. I really don't care. At all. Wanna voice a contrary opinion? Get your own fucking blog.

And now you know who/what you're in for.

Sort of.

This blog is not going to have an overarching theme. It will not have a schedule. It will be about whatever I need it to be about in the moment I sit down to write, and it will come out whenever I need it to come out. Sometimes it will be polished and professional; others, I might not bother to edit the thing at all. I'm not going to turn this blog into just another task in my workload. This blog exists because I'm sick to death of the dumpster fire that social media has become, and because I miss writing things for no other purpose than to write them.

Will you like my little corner of Teh Interwebs? I have no idea. I also don't care. This is for me.

All right, we’ve done the intro thing. Next time: an actual topicIn the meantime, since this post could use a bit of flair, here are some pictures of some Japanese model kits I recently built, then photographed with other toys. (Yes, that's about the level of maturity you can expect around here.)