In addition to reveling in the consumption of various strains of geekery, I also like to write and record music. In the past couple years I have released a couple EPs on Bandcamp via two of my ongoing musical projects, The Eastside Slashers (punk, 2018) and Amid the Ruins (grindcore, 2020). Through these projects I indulge my love of raw production and noisome instrumentation, and I think you'll enjoy both projects...if you're into that kind of thing.

If you're more inclined to enjoy Leftist punk rock, check out The Eastside Slashers' debut release "A Lovely Day for a Riot." Just CLICK HERE and enjoy the album for free. (Donate if you like.)

If you'd like your existential dread in a new-and-improved grindcore flavor, check out Amid the Ruins' debut "Fuck Cancer." Just CLICK HERE for another free album!

I am currently in the process of recording follow-ups for both projects, as well as the debut recording from my third project, Crystal Wizard (stoner/doom metal). Links will be added as these projects come to fruition!

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